Guidelines and Rules

By registering as a member of DM Professionals or participating in DMP events, the association expects that you will abide by certain guidelines and principles.  The peer networking experience of DMP members and the integrity of the association is of the utmost importance.  Accordingly, we expect that members will agree to the following terms:

  1. Refrain from inviting vendors, job seekers, consultants or sales people to DMP events.  Membership is exclusively for managers and practitioners of the DMP discipline and it is important that the association does not become a business development venue for non-members.
  2. Refrain from discussing specific labor rates, resource pricing, or contract terms and conditions from software or service vendors with other members in any way that could be considered constructive collusion between like buyers of products or services.
  3. As a member of DMP it is your responsibility to ensure that you are not violating any policies, terms or conditions of employment with your employer.  DMP will not be held responsible for any conflicts that arise as a result of your participation in DMP due to existing obligations or duties you have to your employer. 

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