Why Data Management Professionals Must Cultivate Awareness of Emerging Technologies

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I recently read an article from Information Management that discusses how emerging technologies will impact the way companies manage big data. 

Author Maria Villar points to several technologies that data management professionals should pay attention to, as they will play a large role in the development of data quality and infrastructure. 

Mobile technologies continue to grow, creating more possibilities for businesses to develop new applications that will help optimize employee performance and business operations. This development also creates the opportunity to generate or update company master data. However, with the expansion of business applications also comes the potential for back end issues. Data management professionals must stay on top of potential issues by taking an active role in the application development process.

Cloud computing is another emerging technology that data management professionals must focus on. As the article points out, many cloud systems do not offer much in the way of data management customization. Selecting the right cloud system will help establish a framework that will support your organization's data management needs.

Additionally, it is advisable to have an understanding of how crowdsourcing techniques can be used to improve business. Villar explains that "The crowdsourcing approach can be used to improve relevancy, accuracy and usefulness of data by making it easier for employees to rate the information and make that rating viewable to everyone within the organization. Using a 'like' approach (think Facebook) will allow all employees to rate the usefulness of the data in the core applications."

Given how quickly technology changes and how critical big data is to organizations' operations, IT professionals must stay be one step ahead of the latest trends to remain competitive. Learn as much as you can about where the industry is headed, and you'll be sure to succeed. 

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