Taking a Cross-Functional Approach to Big Data

Jovan King's picture
A cross-functional approach can deliver big data results.

When considering big data, it is easy to only think about the technical side of things, like how to store and analyze it properly. However, to make data the decision-making tool that it can be, company leaders must also factor in the skills and abilities of the people who will be working with the data. A recent article from Information Management discusses how to ensure that employees are prepared to handle big data successfully. 

There are several types of people working within an organization—those who are responsible for creating the actual databases and technology, those who implement software, create infrastructure and procedures for data management, and those who specialize in the business side of things, using big data to help drive decision-making. The first step is to have individuals on the team that fulfill all of the aforementioned roles. While it may be desirable to have one person with all of these skills, it is highly unlikely that you will find one. 

To ensure that all big data management skills are accounted for, businesses can focus on creating teams capable of handling all of the necessary functions. With the right training, companies can create "cross-functional" teams,adept at handling data from the technological side as well as the human side of things. To accomplish this, employees must be trained at the skills needed to fulfill their specific role, in addition to making sure each member of the team understands how the various functionalities in individual roles intersect, and how each team works together to create a unit capable of delivering results from big data. 

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