Key Data Management Trends to Focus on in 2015

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Big data is one of the fastest-growing trends in both the tech and business worlds, and companies are always looking for ways to channel that data to generate revenue. But data analytics is still a relatively new phenomenon and is constantly evolving, so how can organizations make sure that they are focusing their resources on the right aspects of data management? A recent TechRepublic article outlines key data management trends to focus on in 2015 and provides a few suggestions with an eye toward planning next year's budget.

Gathering large amounts of data is the easy part, followed by the much more complicated task of determining what information is truly useful. Linking data repositories to existing systems of record is a useful way to cross-reference data and separate the information that has business value. In the coming years, the role of the data curator, someone with both IT and analytical knowledge who can organize business intelligence, could become commonplace.

As more organizations implement data-gathering solutions, those that can obtain data in real time will be able to make faster business decisions. A reliance on real-time information will also strengthen the need for disaster recovery plans since a shorter decision-making window increases the possibility of a miscalculation.

Another area to focus on is cloud computing. Big data is increasingly migrating to the cloud, and more companies are going to be outsourcing their data processes to specialized providers in the near future.

Companies that focus their efforts on these data management trends will be well equipped to make the most of the vast quantities of information at their fingertips.

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