Innovation is Essential for Successful Data Management

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As businesses continue to generate greater amounts of data through their operations, the need for skilled professionals who are able to adapt to the changing data landscape and integrate technologies to effectively manage it continues to rise. I recently read an article in Forbes that outlines the challenges that organizations face when dealing with these large amounts of data. According to Andy Mendelsohn, executive vice president of database server technologies at Oracle, organizations must strike a balance between their existing investments in data management and new, innovative technologies. 

To create this kind of innovation, it is essential to have skilled data management professionals who are well versed in the various types of database technologies that will help companies manage these vast amounts of big data and transactional data. As companies continue to amass data from an increasing number of disparate locations, including social media platforms and Internet-enabled devices, they need a comprehensive system that accounts for every source. This need is even more pronounced when considering the process of analyzing data from each origination point. 

The type of database a company uses will play a role in its ability to integrate data from new sources with speed and precision. While Mendelsohn advocates for Oracle's various database products, there are many intelligent database management systems that professionals should consider based on the particular company and challenges at hand. Evaluate your organization's needs carefully to ensure you choose the best option.


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