Having a strong IT resume is key to landing job opportunities

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With the economy still in recovery mode, more IT decision-makers are faced with a growing stack of applications from tech professionals that are looking for an opportunity. In this sea of paper, every potential employee is looking for a way to stand out in the crowd and land that job opening. This is where a quality resume can put someone head-and-shoulders above the competition.

A recent CIO article I read examined the major issues that IT professionals run into when it comes to structuring a resume that stands out. The piece uses the journey of Brad Kirk, a veteran of the technology sector for nearly 20 years, and his meeting with resume expert Jennifer Hay for help updating his image.

"Based on the recruiters who were calling me and the type of opportunities that were coming my way, I started to realize, these are not the types of roles I want to attract," Kirk said. "In my career, I have moved from being a technical hands-on IT operations guy [to a guy] who migrated into being an infrastructure architect who focuses on infrastructure and cloud. In the past five or six years, my role has moved much closer to the business."

Hay highlighted several issues that were hurting Kirk and could be a part of your resume right now. Kirk's presentation was sloppy because it was crowded and in small type. This can cause decision-makers to immediately sour on an applicant. She also pointed out poor organization within the resume because skills were repeated, important information was buried and differentiators were not easy to spot.

With a quick overhaul, the image that Kirk is putting out has greatly improved. This is something that every IT professional needs to be aware of to put themselves in the best position to land a desired opportunity.

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