Democratization of Big Data: An Open Door for Non-Experts

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With the technology, information and analytics world in a state of flux, the buzz surrounding big data will continue into 2014 as more tools hit the marketplace helping companies manage and analyze their information.

In a recent guest column I read on ZDnet, Greg Todd, Chief Technology Officer at Revolution Analytics, explains that organizations have more tools at their fingertips than ever before. With vendor applications becoming more powerful and easier to use, the field of predictive analysis is now much more accessible to a larger group of people, including business analysts and others.

Businesses often use a layered approach to analytics, focusing on Consumption, Modeling, and Data Management. These layers are rapidly improving. The consumption layer is now filled with a diverse pool of predictive analysis tools, the modeling layer includes the introduction of new languages, and the data management layer offers new data warehouse platforms to help manage data.

Todd argues that the convergence of predictive analytics tools and platforms is going play a major role in shaping the next generation of business leaders and the competitive landscape surrounding Big Data.

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