Confusion Remains Around Data Management Compliance

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According to a recent study I read from managed data services provider Six Degrees Group, more than 40 percent of companies surveyed in the UK say they are confused by data management regulations.

Campbell Williams, the Strategy and Marketing Director at Six Degrees, says that because more businesses are relying on cloud providers that can operate anywhere in the world, organizations need to start asking more questions if they want compliance to be a business priority.

Legislation and regulations "riddled with confusing jargon," make it very difficult for companies to stay on top of compliance issues. It is not surprising then that this complicated regulatory space has caused more and more companies to seek outside help. However, the study reveals the alarming fact that while companies may be concerned about the location of their data, 35 percent of companies depending on a managed services provider do not know what country their data is housed in.

Williams finds it worrisome that a majority of IT professionals have an insufficient understanding of compliance. If companies want to be successful, they must find a way to understand data management regulations in order to comply with them. Companies need to make sure that their IT departments are more informed on compliance issues and that they are continuously asking managed service providers to keep up with data management legislation.

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