About Us

Data Management Professionals (DMP) is the only national membership association for data management leaders working in The discipline across all industry segments. DMP offers high-caliber networking opportunities for regularly sharing best practices and emerging trends with industry leaders in the field. Membership and all events are free and we do not allow vendors or salespeople to jeopardize the membership experience.

DMP provides an unparalleled collaborative community of senior managers, directors, and executives who are passionate about extending the conversation, improving efficiency, and enhancing the complex discipline of Data Management. provides vital peer associations through face-to-face and virtual venues—panel discussions with leaders in the field, an online member forum on LinkedIn, and regional and national symposia—all in a vendor-free environment. Membership is made up exclusively by leaders in the discipline – no vendors, salespeople, or job seekers. At DMP the role of the consultant or vendor is to provide expertise and education if the members invite them to present on a given topic, free of bias and sales spin (to the extent possible)..

Data Management Professionals Mission Statement

We operate with the highest professional integrity to network and collaborate with our peers for the purpose of growing best practices and contributing to the Data Management discipline as a whole.

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Membership in DMP offers information, fresh perspectives, and connections that you won't find anywhere else.


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